RPM Agriculture Solutions

RPM offers a full line of critical, maintenance-free components that can be found hard at work in the harshest agriculture and lawn & garden applications. Let our experienced sales team help you increase productivity and efficiency while avoiding costly downtime.


Agriculture Industry

Hard-working farmers make up the heart of the American agricultural industry. As demand continues to increase and new requirements are put on farmers to work larger fields in less time, they depend on reliable equipment to keep their operations running efficiently.

RPM provides solutions that meet the needs of all types of agricultural applications, including grain handling/storage/drying/processing, combines, tillage equipment, hay balers, mower conditioners, cotton strippers, augers, planters/grain drills, wheel bearings, disc bearings etc.  In addition, we offer a complete line of lawn and garden components for mowing, mulching, and tilling.


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Agricultural Bearings and Seals

Agricultural bearings are constantly exposed to dusty and dirty conditions that facilitate corrosion, so heavy duty seals are needed to keep applications contaminant free. These bearings are designed specifically for harsh and severe environments such as those encountered in tillage, seeding or lawn care applications. The heavy duty bearing seals have single, double or triple lip seal options bonded to a thick gauge steel shroud for protection in the harshest environments

RPM offers contact and triple lip seals, as well as a variety of agricultural bearings, including:


  • Round Bore Bearings
  • Hex Bore Bearings
  • Hex Bore Conveyor Bearings
  • Square Bore Bearings
  • Disc Harrows
  • Flange Disc

Agricultural Material Handling

Agricultural conveyor belt and material handling solutions must be able to transport bulk materials with ease and efficiency. These solutions should:

  • Maximize material flow rates
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Create a controlled and consistent flow

RPM provides a variety of agricultural material handling solutions for many industry applications.

See our full line of material handling solutions.