Waste & Recycling

RPM supplies high quality, durable solutions for all your waste processing and recycling applications. Our team of professionals can help you reduce, reuse and recycle efficiently and cost effectively.

Waste & Recycling

RPM's experience in waste processing and recycling applications allows us to supply the high quality products that these difficult environments demand. From waste water to metal recycling, RPM has a full line of mechanical and electrical components for your unique industry or application.

Some of the waste and recycling industries served include, metal scrap, paper, glass, plastic, aggregate amd waste water treatment. Our products are designed to stand up to extreme environments ranging from high temperatures, severe abrasives, and heavy shock loads.


waste handling belt

Material Handling

RPM offers a variety of material handling solutions for all your recycling applications. From individual components to complete conveyor systems, we can provide expertise and knowledge that will keep your machines running, while avoiding costly downtime. Some key material handling components include:

  • Industrial Vibrators
  • Belt Scrappers & Cleaners
  • Custom Cleated Belts
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Buckets & Bucket Elevators
  • Engineering Class Chain & Sprockets
  • Shaft Mount Gear Reducers
  • Drag Chain & Conveyors

WasteWater Treatment

RPM supplies numerous products for the wastewater and sewage treatment industry. Our power transmission components are used in a wide array of applications including, clarifiers, headworks, sludge treatment and aeration equipment.

RPM provides complete drive train solutions for the wastewater industry with a full offering of gearmotors, speed reducers, torque limiting devices and belted drives. We also supply custom components including, grit tank and clarifier chain, wear shoes, scum baffles, dewatering belts and aluminum flighting.

wastewater equipment