Industry Spotlight: Superscrew Belt Installations


Finding a vulcanizing crew to install your aggregate rubber belts is difficult. When you tear a belt, you don’t have time to wait, but you are left scrambling to find a crew who may or may not show up and may or may not provide a quality splice on critical equipment. Take control of your vulcanized splice installations by using MLT’s patented SuperScrew.
The SuperScrew splice system is a special type of mechanical lacing that allows for a quick splice and can be installed by your maintenance crew. The flat design allows belt scrapers to transition easily over the splice while providing a gapless solution that will not allow product to fall through the belt. It is installed using tools found on any jobsite, and the belt can be spliced while raining or snowing.
If you’re interested in taking control of your belt splices and being able to repair or replace belts on your schedule, call Carolina Bearing & Belting to discuss the SuperScrew splicing system and how we can work together to get your belting program aligned with your needs.